Advanced APC 8X8

Armored Technical Specifications
Armored Technical Specifications
April 6, 2017
Advanced APC 6X6
Advanced APC 6X6
April 27, 2017
Advanced APC 8X8

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Armored Personnel Carrier – APC 8X8 with the most advanced technology in  the  world.

The most Advanced Armored Personnel Carrier – APC 8X8.

  • Mega 8X8 2dAL
  • Mega 8X8 2dALR
  • Mega 8X8 1dAL
  • Mega 8X8 1dALR
  • Mega 8X8 rear5bA
  • Mega 8X8 rear5bAR
  • Mega5a Rear1
  • Mega5a Rear1R
  • Mega5b Rear1
  • Mega5b Rear1R
  • Mega1dAL4B
  • Mega1dAL4BR
  • Mega1dAL4aB
  • Mega1dAL4aBR

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