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July 13, 2017

MEGA is pleased to introduce the most advanced APC- Armored Personnel Carrier in the world APCZ8.

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Armored Personnel Carrier – APCZ8 with the most advanced technology in  the  world.
The most Advanced Armored Personnel Carrier – APCZ8.

APCZ8 specifications:
Seating: Can carry 10 to 16 personnel.
Engine: Optional Diesel engine or Electric Motor.

Armored personnel carriers – APC, have occupied an important role in military operations since World War I. Modern APC s such as MEGA’s APCZ8 offer enhanced protection, enabling safer infantry deployment in high-threat areas.
APCZ8 is one of the best armored personnel carriers designed, based on protection and mobility.
The vehicle is integrated with spaced and sloped Armour solutions for protection against mines, IED s and ballistic threats. It protects the crew from anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, bomb-lets and artillery shells, and offers all-round ballistic protection.
FLW 200 remote-controlled light weapon station aboard the vehicle is installed with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. The vehicle also supports IdZ (Infantryman of the future) technology. The APCZ8 armored personnel carrier has a top speed of 120 km/h and a class-leading range of 1,200 km.
The APCZ8 has a modular wheeled armored vehicle. The base APC vehicle serves as a modular platform for a variety of mission configurations.
The APCZ8 vehicle’s internal layout is designed to accommodate a driver, commander, and 8-14 troops. The armored hull offers high level of protection against Kinetic Energy (KE) penetrates, mines, RPG s, EFP s, and IED s.
The APCZ8 version of APCZ8 is fitted with a remote weapons station with 7.62 mm/12.7 mm machine gun or open cupola with 20 mm cannon or Mizrak-30 medium calibre remotely controlled turret mounting a 30 mm gun.

  • MEGA1900f APCZ8
  • MEGA1900Tr APCZ8
  • MEGA1900s APCZ8
  • MEGA1900r APCZ8

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