Border Control Vehicles

Riot Control Vehicles
February 17, 2017
February 19, 2017
Border Control Vehicles

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Border Control vehicles with the most advance technology in  the  world!
The most Advanced Border Control vehicles!

Border Control Vehicles

Are based on the Ford F550 chassis. The Canadian Government deploys the Gurkha, as does the US military in Iraq. With its traditional SUV configuration of four side doors and a single rear luggage door, the vehicle is armored to exceed the European B7 and floor protection that greatly exceeds NATO Stanag 4569 level 1, along with excellent side load blast protection against IEDs.
Mega Patrol is an Border Control vehicles that provides a high level of ballistic and blast resistance, superior handling and off-road capability and commercial part compatibility resulting in low maintenance costs. The Mega Patrol  features full vehicle armoring with certified ballistic material, including front, sides, rear, roof, and floor, designed to resist incoming ballistic threats from any angle. The special light weight armor package is designed to minimize the GVWR and maximize mobility and off-road capability. The vehicle body is fully armored to defeat multiple hits from high power rifles and light machine guns. Key components such as the engine bay and fuel tank are also protected with armor enclosures. The rotating turret system can be mounted to the roof escape hatch. The mechanical components such as the suspension and braking systems have been tuned for off-road handling as well as to support the fully loaded armor weight. The high capacity wheel and tire assembly also features a built-in run-flat and bead lock system. The interior of the Mega Patrol is fully optional with various options that include individual bucket seats, benches, and jump seats. In addition, seat restraint system can be installed to keep personnel properly secured during high speed maneuvers. The Mega Border Control vehicles has a maximum seating capacity of the 9 + driver. Depending on client requirement, the seating configuration can be customized to accommodate specific seating orientation, add blast mitigation seats and increase cargo room. Other interior features include 4-point harness, storage bins, roof escape hatch, a powerful HVAC system and an audio entertainment system.

  • military-Vehicle-46
  • military-Vehicle-46a
  • military-Vehicle-44
  • Mega 4x4 apc5
  • Mega 4X4 apc4
  • Mega 4x4 apc6
  • Armored Swat Vehicle 2
  • Armored Swat Vehicle 1
  • Armored Swat Vehicle 4
  • Armored Swat Vehicle 3
  • Armored Swat Vehicle 7
  • Armored Swat Vehicle 6
  • unnamed-1
  • Armored Swat Vehicle 5
  • unnamed-2
  • unnamed-4

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