March 18, 2014
Porsche Cayenne Convertible
Porsche Cayenne Convertible
April 23, 2014

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Production Vehicles with the most advance technology in the world!
The most Advanced Production Vehicles!


   Production Features And Specification:

There have been numerous disputes over what constituted production and modified cars when used in motorsports. Even under Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile(FIA), the exact definition of what was (or was not) unclear and controversial, which led to rules written in 1955. Although the term is defined for particular types of vehicles, and that a certain number of a model must be produced in order to qualify as “production”, it is another matter to enforce the rules. For example, the 1968 FIA rules state that for sports cars need to have at least 25 identical cars produced within a 12-month period and they were meant for normal sale to individual purchasers. However, FIA rules tend to allow a degree of modification from the original.
Another example is the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, which is concerned solely with the speed of a vehicle, uses its own definition of a vehicle. The Association allows quite a high level of modification over the original. In 2006 a Pontiac TransAm was classified as being the fastest  model with a top speed in excess of 297 mph. Road tests of the same type of car available from the line were incapable of anything like this speed and Popular Mechanics referred, which was probably a more accurate description.
motor vehicle production based on Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA) and other data from 2015 and earlier. Figures include passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, minibuses, trucks, buses and coaches.
Note that the binding of variables resulting from the pattern matching in the LHS is used in the RHS to refer to the data to be modified. Note also that the working memory contains explicit control structure data in the form of “goal” data structure instances. In the example, once a monkey holds the suspended object, the status of the goal is set to “satisfied” and the same production rule can no longer apply as its first condition fails.

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