Supersonic Business Jets

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January 30, 2015
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Gulfstream G650
February 1, 2015
Supersonic Business Jets

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Supersonic Business Jets with the most advance technology in the world!
The most Advanced Supersonic Business Jets!

Supersonic Business Jets

Supersonic Business Jets Features:

A supersonic business jets (SSBJ) would be a small business jet, intended to travel at speeds above
Mach 1.0. No SSBJs are currently available, although several manufacturers are
working on or have worked on designs.
Typically intended to transport about ten passengers, proposed SSBJs would be about the
same size as traditional subsonic business jets. Larger commercial supersonic transports such as the
Aérospatiale/British Aerospace Concorde and
Tupolev Tu-144 ‘Charger’ had relatively high costs, high noise,
high fuel consumption and some environmental concerns

Several manufacturers believe that many of these concerns can be
successfully addressed at a smaller scale.
In addition, it is believed that small groups of high-value passengers
(such as executives or heads of state)
will find value in higher speed transport.

But the economics of the aircraft were a nightmare. It carried a quarter of the passengers as a
typical Boeing jumbo jet while burning through twice the fuel, and regulations restricting ear-splitting
sonic booms in American and European airspace limited it to trans-oceanic routes. High operational
costs—translating into high ticket prices—eventually rendered the jet unsustainable.

Capable of carrying between eight and 12 passengers up to 4,750 nautical miles at supersonic speeds,
the Supersonic Jets could trim three hours off a transatlantic flight and more off longer trans-Pacific routes,
Airbus will provide both components and technology as well as its expertise in bringing an
aircraft from drawing board to commercial market.

That backing has proved enough to lure Jets first customer to the table.
Flexjet, a company that sells fractional ownership and leasing of private aircraft, placed an order for
20 of Business Jets last week—the first firm order for the yet-to-be-built aircraft.

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