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October 26, 2014
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November 10, 2014
Ultra UGV

Ultra UGV

Application: The Ultra UGV is Unmanned Ground Vehicle designed and focused on security and seillance of high profile military, government, corporate and sensitive installations requiring 24 hour monitoring and patrolling. Ultra UGV is Cost-effective to reproduce, low operational costs & service requirements.


Ultra UGV 1

Military Usage: Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target

Acquisition (RSTA), detects, tracks, identifies,

and reports on military targets in the.

Candidates for Ultra UGV Deployment:

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Counter reconnaissance
  • Route and area reconnaissance
  • Target acquisition
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Channeling an enemy attack
  • Ambushes
  • Decoy and deception
  • Obscurant dispensing
  • Establishing obstacles
  • Breaching obstacles
  • Communications relay
  • Remote sensors deployment and monitoring

Unmanned ground vehicle systems

Ultra has a number of specialist capabilities for UGVs, including HMI equipment, propane-powered fuel cells, capable of powering UGVs, and secure data link systems.

Ultra UGV controllers

Ultra’s technologies and options for grip and throttle solutions have proven to be ideal for use in UGV ground control stations.

Leveraging its expertise in both human factors engineering and traditional hand controls, Ultra’s most recent development projects focus on the dismounted soldier. The warfighter today has to be ready to take immediate and appropriate action at the tactical edge and requires the control systems to interface effectively with the brigade, as well as individual mission assets, including UGVs.

Recognising the need for lightweight, soldier-portable controls which concentrate functionality and asset accessibility into the warfighter’s hands, Ultra introduced the first fully ruggedised game-style controller in 2004. By using a form of hand controller, familiar to today’s soldiers, Ultra was able to militarise a control system which reduced training time and has become an ideal controller for the operation of numerous UGVs

Secure communications

The Group specialises in secure command and control (C2), imagery and tactical data links, airborne secure voice and data communications and system integration. Ultra’s HIDL™ is a family of flexible, networkable, software-definable digital data links, which are optimised to meet highly sensitive, time-critical (low latency) information exchange needs, such as unmanned ground vehicles, weapon systems and mission-critical

Portable fuel cells

Ultra designs, tests and manufactures the future of portable power: solid oxide fuel cell technology. Ultra is committed to providing dependable, portable fuel cell power, using readily accessible fuel, which can be taken into the wild or into combat. The Group’s solid oxide fuel cell power systems have been proven reliable in field testing for military, leisure and emergency use. Ultra’s flexible fuel cell technology will provide the exact solution required. From powering unmanned systems, to providing portable power to soldiers, Ultra is creating a new reality in how soldiers power mission-critical systems. Ultra’s ROAMIO D245XR and ROAMIO D300 are fuelled by globally available propane. They deliver lightweight, portable power in the most austere, remote and dangerous locations. This enables increased platform durations, longer missions, reduced weight burden and delivers better results.

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