Armored Mercedes S

Armored Cash In Transit Vehicles
Armored Cash In Transit Vehicles
May 30, 2016
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Armored Lexus LX 570
June 22, 2016
Mercedes S
  • Mercedes S

Mega Engineering Vehicle will design and engineer Armored Mercedes S with the most advanced technology in the world.

The most Advanced Armored Mercedes S!

Armored Mercedes S

The Mercedes S/ Mercedes Maybach State Limousine is huge in size, but most onlookers would have no idea that it is an armored vehicle. Celebrities and political figures using Mega’s Armored Luxury vehicles line as their preferred means of secure transportation. It is able to withstand bullets and explosives and the interior has the ability to function as a bunker.
This vehicle boasts ballistic proof body shields and it is nearly impossible to detect the armored model from the standard model. It is the preferred vehicle of the Head of state’s government, which has purchased quite a few in recent years. The Mega Engineering Vehicles provides the highest of security standards while still maintaining the luxury and class that the Mercedes S/ Mercedes Maybach brand is known for.
Mega Engineering Vehicles has made international headlines with their unmatched ability to transform armored vehicles into luxurious executive coaches. One of their most extraordinary vehicle conversions to date was a luxury armored Mercedes S/ Mercedes Maybach. The interior of this one-of-a-kind Mercedes S captured the attention and awe of luxury enthusiasts around the world; it was referred to as an incredible “leather lined luxo-fortress” by Head’s of state. Standing out from the rest by displaying a rare combination of protection and elegance, Mega Engineering Vehicles’ armored luxury vehicles have required everyone to rethink what is possible in armored transportation.
Mega Engineering Vehicles believes that one should not have to sacrifice luxury for security. If you already have an armored vehicle and are simply looking to have the interior customized, we have experience customizing vehicles up to B6 level armoring—with stunning results. If you do not have an armored vehicle are in the market for one, one of Mega Engineering Vehicles’ trained experts would be glad to facilitate the purchase and creation of an exquisitely designed and secure vehicle that meets your every need.

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