Armored Military Vehicles Brochure

February 27, 2017
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March 14, 2017
Armored Military Vehicles Brochure

Armored Military Vehicles BrochureLaser Guided Vehicles-LGVs & Automated Guided Vehicles-AGVs
Armored Military Vehicles Brochure

         Armored Military Vehicles Brochure

Innovation is necessary in our fast moving times

Mega Engineering Vehicles Inc. has grown to become the world leader in technology and innovation with over 33 years experience in design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.
In today’s ever-evolving battlefield, the need for heavy tactical vehicles to keep pace – with the terrain, the environments, the threats, the demands and the troops – is critical to mission success. At Mega Defense, we never stop thinking, innovating or applying our defense expertise to assure those out in the field get the support they need from the vehicles they rely on. With every heavy tactical vehicle we manufacture, we transform the face of mission-critical equipment transportation and combat support for the men and women who serve.
1.  Use 1⁄2” AR500 and mil spec steel for side walls, turret lid, rear doors – This depends on unit and customer preference
2.  Focus on using minimal pieces to increase overall protection
3.  One piece side walls, floor and roof
4.  Fully armored firewall to help protect against frontal incursions
5.  Gap protection at all doors and turret lid to help reduce risk of bullet penetration and increase overall protection of vehicle
6.  Lock-out doors to increase ballistic coverage; front doors at full open and 45 degrees, rear doors at full and 90 degrees
7.  Overlap protection on all doors, gun ports, seals, door handles, locks, etc. to help reduce risk of bullet penetration
8.  All materials certified by a reputable third party (i.e. HP White, Dayton Labs, etc.)
9.  Facilities and employees cleared by US Government and Secret Service for work on their armored vehicles
10.  We use state-of-the-art procedures and equipment
11.  Revolutionary BATT & BATT S AP body designs do not require frame shortening and incorporate the full strength of the OEM frame and body
12.  Keeps our BATT & BATT S AP structurally stronger than competition & reduces risk of possible failures
13.  Our BATT armored tactical vehicles are tested and proven with many law enforcement agencies throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, etc.
14.  We are an approved supplier of our BATT line of vehicles to the US Military
Armored Military Vehicles Brochure

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