Bullet Proof Helmet

September 20, 2014
Race Cars
Race Cars
September 20, 2014
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Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Bullet Proof Helmet with the most advance technology in  the  world!
The most Advanced Bullet Proof Helmet!
Mega Engineering Vehicle have developed Carbon Bullet Proof Helmet Research with Mega’s Bullet Proof Helmet with the most advance technology in the world!

Bullet Proof Helmet



Bullet Proof Helmet Features:

Designed to meet the modern realities of the battlefield; the Carbon Bullet Proof Helmet delivers on all counts. Superb performance to weight characteristics, full special ops coverage with enhanced awareness due to the reduced profile and higher cut. The Carbon Bullet Proof Helmet is a new way forward for the special forces community.
Increased area of coverage over the ears and back of the helmet
Ergonomic and stable platform
Standard MICH/ACH Pads and Suspension Fixed side rails for mounting accessories
Front Wilcox NVG mounting shroud
Level IIIA Protection NIJ 0101.06
Fragmentation protection US MIL STD 662F V50 at 2150 ft/sec.
Available upgrades: Velcro on top, Boltless design, & Team Wendy Cam-Fit retention
Scratch-resistant non-reflective flat paint
The interior of this ballistic helmet is lined with impact absorbing, 3/4″ pads that provide additional protection against blunt force trauma
Its four point suspension system is fully adjustable for added comfort and stability
A quick release feature on the left side ensures fast placement and removal; an ideal convenience for any military helmet
The rear portion allows for easy, comfortable movement when wearing a collared, tactical vest in-conjunction with the helmet
This product meets and exceeds the NIJ level III A ballistic standard and is certified for NIJ 10106. It has been tested to meet the V50
standard for fragmentation resistance
Boltless CAM?FIT™ Retention System
Zorbium® foam liner with customizable comfort pad sets in 2 thicknesses
Removable center pad to easily accommodate overhead comms
Rail 2.0 Accessory Mounting System:
Backwards compatible with EXFIL® accessories including tool-free quick release adapter, oxygen mask strap kit, goggle posts and mini-tinny
Rear webbing slot for counterweight and goggle strap retainer


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