About MEGA

About MEGA

Mega Engineering Vehicles is a global aerospace and defense company. From Engineering services to most advanced vehicles (UGV, UAV) to wheeled combat vehicles to Armored Vehicles, people around the world depend on our products and services for their safety and security.

Mega Engineering has a long tradition of technology and innovation leadership. The company continues to expand its product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. Its broad range of capabilities includes creating new, more efficient members of its commercial Transportation and Entertainment family; integrating corporate, private, and government platforms, and creating advanced technology solutions.

With corporate offices in Huntington Beach, California, Mega Engineering and its affiliated companies now constitute one of the world’s leading resources for high-technology systems ranging from Transportation, Entertainment, Aerospace and Defense, across the United States and globally. Mega Engineering represents one of the most talented and innovative workforce anywhere. Our enterprise also leverages the talents of hundreds of highly skilled people working for Mega Engineering suppliers worldwide.


History of MEGA

Mega Engineering Vehicles Inc. with over 33 years experience in design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing, has grown to become the world leader in technology and innovation. It provides a full range of design, engineering, manufacturing and production solutions to meet the future demands of Transportation, Aerospace, Defense, and Entertainment for corporate, private, and government use.
Mega Engineering Vehicle had an initial charter to explore Transportation and Entertainment. Leading Engineers and Designers came to Mega Engineering, forming the nucleus of a staff including affiliated companies. Mega Engineering Vehicle carries out the largest and most successful Electric Buses and Trucks program in private industry. The company has been the primary developer of Smart Truck systems. Mega Engineering and its affiliated entities also manufacture state-of-the-art unmanned Ground vehicles. Mega Engineering is engaged in Aerospace, Defense, and provides information technology, innovation and many other products and services for corporate, private, government and industry.


Our Model

Mega Engineering is organized into two business units: Mega Engineering Transportation, Entertainment and Mega Engineering Aerospace, Defense. Supporting these units is Mega Engineering, Operations & Technology, which helps develop, acquire, apply and protect innovative technologies and processes.
Mega’s business units are responsible for the execution of their strategy and their operational performance.
Our corporate leaders are responsible for setting the overall strategy of the business and for the allocation of capital.


Our Philosophy

Innovation is necessary in our fast moving times.
Strong teams provide excellent service.
We try to constantly cultivate the team spirit within our company.

April 6, 2017

Armored Technical Specifications

February 28, 2017

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February 10, 2017


Huntington Beach, CA, USA (HQ) Barcelona, Spain   Detroit, Michigan, USA  
December 5, 2016


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