Clean Room

September 30, 2014
Porsche Panamera Turbo S
October 1, 2014
Clean Room

Mega Engineering Vehicle’s  Clean Room for optimal Light Weight Construction is the most advance technology Clean Room in the world!
The most Advanced Clean Room for optimal Light Weight Construction!


Clean Room:

Our staff of design consultants work with architects and general contractors to deliver functional and cost-effective solutions, resulting in a smooth and quick clean room for Optimal Light Weight construction process.
Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards extends to our national network of specialized clean room contractors. All of our contractors maintain the highest quality control programs to assure compliance with all critical standards.
Recognizing the step by step process involved in even the smallest clean room project can help focus attention in a manner that will result in a successful project. The schedule of a well-conceived project will include needs assessment, front-end planning and preliminary design. It is important that project progress is measured against an overall schedule and not just by the speed with which the bricks and mortar are installed.
Our step-by-step optimal Light Weight Construction process includes:
*Needs Assessment
*Front-End Planning
*Construction Document Development
*Procurement of Cleanroom Project
*Cleanroom Construction
*Start-Up & Certification
Although modular walls are more expensive up-front, costs can be offset by the savings achieved through greater productivity, resulting in a lower lifetime cost compared to traditional construction. Other main advantages of Optimal Light Weight construction include:
*Low Mess
*Flexibility and Adaptability
*Reduced Construction Time
*Clean Build with Minimized Disruption
*Consistent Quality and Appearance
*Financial Savings
While flexibility remains a key advantage for the use of modular building systems, there are many reasons to consider modular over conventional clean room construction.
Optimal Light Weight Construction systems offer advantages for meeting regulatory requirements and standards because they are manufactured with factory-controlled procedures that produce a consistent, quality product with no variation. This ensures what has been successfully employed at one facility, will perform the same in future installations, and the system will be installed in a set manner, producing a consistent performance and appearance.

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