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Number 64
Year: 2006
100 miles
In its 112-years of existence, Ford has created dozens of rare, top-notch automobiles, but few are as spectacular as this one. Yes, you are looking at a 2005 Ford GT Roadster.
Called the GTX1 Concept, the car is the brainchild of Ford SVT engineer-supervisor Kip Ewing. While working on the Ford GT launch, Ewing thought the car would look better without a roof on and began sketching roofless Ford GTs in his free time. Apparently, the guys running the American car manufacturer liked his idea as well and gave Ewing permission to build it together with Ford’s SEMA Technology Initiative and present it at the show itself.
And here it is, in all its glory, chassis number one. The car was put together by Genaddi Design Group (a company specialized in custom canopies) and Ford’s Corporate Design team to add a little OEM flair to it.
And that’s the main reason why it looks almost like a factory-spec, beautifully-constructed, regular GT, although the car sports a redesigned engine cover, with a view into the engine bay still present to highlight the 550 horsepower 5.4-litre supercharged brute that lays within. So, given all that, you might imagine that this stunning concept costs… millions. Wrong!
It is expensive, but not that expensive, as it’s currently being offered for $460,000 by Top Line Motors. So, what’s the catch? Why is it cheaper than a Bugatti EB110? Well, you see, after this car was built, Genaddi kept offering Ford GT customers the possibility of converting their cars to roadsters, albeit not many examples were built.
Nonetheless, that doesn’t make it less special as it still remains the very first GTX1 produced (if you don’t take into account the 1966 Sebring-winning Ford GTX1 roadster which inspired this one) and it only has 0 Km on the clock. Yup, I didn’t make a typo; the car is 9 years old and it hasn’t made a single kilometer. Please, someone buy it and thrash it around for a bit – it does not fulfill its purpose by sitting around looking great.

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