Luxury Yachts

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January 5, 2014
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February 9, 2014
Luxury Yachts

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Luxury Yachts with the most advance technology in the world!
The most Advanced Luxury Yachts by!

luxury yachts (Mondomarine's M60 yacht)

luxury yachts

Luxury Yachts Specification:

The Yacht has an enormous range of accommodation including suites, family suites and staterooms. However, a new concept introduced on MEV is the loft suite.
There are accommodation spaces with private balconies and floor
In the lofts are LCD televisions, two bathrooms, fog free mirrors, and limestone tiles.
There are also three other types of loft. The Royal Loft Suite can accommodate six people, has its own baby grand piano, inside and outside dining room, private wet bar, whirlpool, library and balcony.
The two corner Sky Loft Suites are larger than the standard loft floor space, a separate dining room and spacious balcony.
There are also two accessible crown lofts, which are slightly larger than the standard and with better access for disabled passengers.
The Aqua Theater is an outdoor venue at the stern of the ship near the Boardwalk neighborhood. The amphitheater space offers a kidney-shaped pool (swimming and scuba diving) and sun loungers on tiered platforms.
At night, the pool can be used for performances such as acrobatics, synchronized swimming, water ballet and high-diving, as well as fountain shows.
There are three-stage machinery devices to raise or lower its depth for different usage and three lifts for multilevel performances. Underwater cameras can film performances and project the images on two giant Barco LED screens around the stage.
There are also two diving towers, two spring boards and two 10 m-high dive platforms, as well as a trampoline between the dive towers.
A trapeze is built on rear side of the high dive boards. Trapeze artistes seem to climb the curtain of water.
The open-air Central Park occupies the center of the ship and forms a unique public gathering place including pathways, flower gardens and a canopy of trees.

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