Mercedes Benz G

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January 29, 2015
January 29, 2015

Mega Engineering Vehicle will deliver your  2015 Mercedes Benz G Class 4 MATIC 4 door G550 SUV to you anywhere around the World through our affiliates.

Mercedes Benz G
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Mercedes Benz G Class 4 MATIC 4 door G550 SUV!

Rear Camera!! Harmon Kardon!! Brush Guards!!
Engine: 5.5 L 8 CYLINDER  Transmission:7 Speed Automatic
Mileage: 11,305   Drive-train: All Wheel Drive   Exterior Color: Polar White
Interior Color: design Black/Black
Warranty: Balance of Factory Warranty
Navigation Heated Seats Ventilated Seats Rear Camera
Parking Sensors Dynamic Seating Chrome Brush Guard Harmon Kardon Sound
In automotive terms, a 36-year-old vehicle qualifies as downright elderly, yet the venerable Mercedes-Benz G-wagen shows no sign of retiring. The end of the production run for the current G-class is at least two or three years away, when Daimler will launch a thoroughly redesigned model, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Mercedes decided to keep building the original even after that.
While it may not need any help in the market—the G-wagen virtually flies out of dealerships—Mercedes has gone ahead and replaced the entry-level engine with a more modern, more efficient, and more powerful unit. The previous, naturally aspirated 5.5-liter V-8 makes way for a new, twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8—ostensibly the same engine the powers the AMG GT super-car.
The new G550 is slightly better than the old model in a straight line—and it is a lot better during cornering, at least in the suspension’s Sport setting. The body rolls less than before, and the stability-control system lets you have a lot more fun before it smoothly cuts in. Of course, the G550 is still a long, long, long way from a sports car. Its recirculating-ball steering is imprecise, low on providing feedback, and requires constant corrections. That’s not much of an issue off-road, however, where the G-class remains supremely capable thanks to its ladder-frame construction, low-range transfer case, and three locking differentials.
Logically, the G-class doesn’t fare especially well in comparison to other, more-modern luxury SUVs. An Audi Q7, a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Cadillac Escalate, or a Range Rover are more comfortable, they handle better, and they offer far more contemporary technologies than the G550. G-wagen buyers don’t care, however; the SUV exists almost in its own stratosphere, like the Jeep Wrangler or even a Rolls-Royce Phantom. We’re glad it’s still around—and happy to see it improved.

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