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February 15, 2017
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February 17, 2017
Military Protective Gear
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Mega Engineering Vehicle will design and engineer Military Protective Gear with the most advanced technology in the world.

The most Advanced Military Protective Gear.

Military Protective Gear Features And Specifications:

Many Police Forces are equipped with Kermel protective coveralls worldwide, because the garments made out of Kermel fibre combine high protection with extreme comfort. In the United Kingdom, many Police Forces, including London Metropolitan Police, Cleveland Police, North Wales Police, recently chose Kermel® suits. Kermel protective clothing are mostly worn for riot control situations by the Police Forces as an essential part of police riot gear. A full range of knitted protective underwear in blends Kermel V50 completes the textile solutions for police clothing. Police clothing and police riot gear brochure
Protective clothing for armoured corps personnel was one of the first applications of Kermel aramid fibres when they were developed over 30 years ago. Since then, the collaboration between Kermel and the army has continued and resulted in many developments. Protective clothing made of Kermel fibre are adapted to riot gear as well. Today, Kermel is used by the French army, navy and air force, British and French riot squads, and by military personnel elsewhere in the world.
Coveralls made of 100% Kermel, and underwear made out of Kermel W70 (70% Kermel/30% FR wool). They both provide protection against flames for over 10 seconds, the time usually required to evacuate an armoured vehicle.
Pilots use suits, underclothes and jackets, usually made out of a Kermel/FR viscose blend.
On-board fire-fighters and special forces use Kermel/FR Viscose protective clothing.
Kermel fire resistant fibre is used in:
*the outer fabric,
*the membrane support,
*the thermal barrier,
*the lining.
These elements are the parts of a multi-layer complex.
The multi-functional nature of this firefighter clothing hinges around four aspects:
*the integrity of the complex,
Along with our partners, we can offer fire suits made from our fibre which meet the ever-increasing requirements of standard EN 469 in terms of protection, durability and comfort.

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