Mobile Command Center

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November 10, 2014
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November 18, 2014
Mobile Command Center

Mobile Command Center

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Mobile Command Center with the most advance technology in the world!

The most Advanced Mobile Command Center!

Mega Engineering Vehicle have developed Mobile Command Center with Mega’s Mobile Command Center with the most advance technology in the world!



Is a purpose built off-road capable mobile command and control center used for UGV operation, transportation and repair on the go.

  • Can hold and transport up to two UGV’s in a specially constructed and designed Mobile Command Center that can remotely control or observe multiple UGV’s in the field.
  • Two command/control and observation centers utilizing CPU and multiple displays per operator for maintaining constant contact with deployed UGV’s.
  • Climate controlled can be utilized with the Mega Carrier to give the command center its own visual observation with long range reconnaissance cameras with FLIR capabilities.
  • Samsung control center will be used with SGR Security Surveillance networked system. The occupant areas will all be climate controlled with positive pressure air units to keep dirt and dust away from sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Can be configured to carry SparX2 or Mega UGV units. It has built in bunks for accommodating longer missions.
  • Can be outfitted for multiple UAV deployment for reconnaissance.

The Mobile Command Center is built on top of the super capable and proven platform, the Colet Jaguar.

The COLET Jaguar series, all weather multi-terrain vehicles, has been designed to be the fastest and most advanced crash vehicles ever. New innovations never before available in this type of heavy vehicle make the JAGUAR the leader in its class. An active/reactive suspension system has been incorporated for greater mobility, performance and safety. The JAGUAR also features full crash cage protection and monocoque frame construction standard, elevating boom turret, forward looking infrared night vision and GPS are available.

Jaguar uses a space frame monocoque chassis. This design is extremely ridged, strong, and lightweight. Only with the utilization of a monocoque is the vehicle made possible. More traditional designs would require a much larger and heavier vehicle. This COLET design is 10X stronger than a channel frame.

Mobile Command Center area transports two UGVs in the rear area while the front area is reserved for the command and control centers for UGV operation. Additional stored equipment and parts for prolonged deployment.

  • MMCC1
  • MMCC2
  • MMCC3

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