Modern Military Vehicles

Military Tracked Vehicles
Military Tracked Vehicles
February 21, 2017
Electric Ground Combat Vehicle
Electric Ground Combat Vehicle
February 23, 2017
Modern Military Vehicles

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Modern Military Vehicles with the most advance technology in  the  world!
The most Advanced Modern Military Vehicles!

Laser Guided Vehicles – LGVsModern Military Vehicles

Modern Military Vehicles

An armored fighting vehicle (AFV) is a combat vehicle, protected by strong armor and generally armed with weapons, which combines operational mobility, tactical offensive, and defensive capabilities. AFVs can be wheeled or tracked. It is not uncommon for AFvs to be simply referred to as “armor”.
Armored fighting vehicles are classified according to their intended role on the battlefield and characteristics. This classification is not absolute; at different times different countries will classify the same vehicle in different roles. For example, armored personnel carriers were generally replaced by infantry fighting vehicles in a similar role, but the latter has some capabilities lacking in the former. There may also be hybrid vehicles,the APC 8X8 , an armored car which mounts a large 105 mm gun normally used in tank destroyers, but can theoretically be reconfigured to the APC 6X6 Infantry Carrier Vehicle.
Successful general-purpose armored fighting vehicles often also serve as the base of a whole family of specialized vehicles, for example, the APC 4X4 and APC tracked carriers, and the APC wheeled AFV.
Many modern military vehicles, ranging from light wheeled command and reconnaissance, through armored personnel carriers and tanks, are manufactured with amphibious capabilities. The latter is a small, lightly armored 4×4 all-terrain vehicle that is fully amphibious and can swim at 5.4 km/h. The VAB  is a fully amphibious armored personnel carrier powered in the water by two water jets, that entered service in 1976 and produced in numerous configurations, ranging from basic personnel carrier, anti-tank missile platform.
The United States started developing a long line of Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) designs from ca. 1940. The US Marine Corps currently uses the AAV7-A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicle, which was to be succeeded by the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, which was capable of planing on water and can achieve water speeds of 37–46 km/h.


  • Mega 8X8 rear5bA
  • Mega5b Rear1R
  • Mega5a Rear1
  • Mega1dAL4R
  • Mega1dAL4aB
  • Mega 8X8 2dALR
  • Mega APC 8X8 MCA1
  • Mega APC 8X8 MCA3
  • Mega APC 8X8 MCA4R
  • Mega 6X6 CM1
  • Mega 6X6 CM2
  • Mega 6X6 CM3
  • Mega 6X6 CM4R
  • Mega 6X6 CM5
  • Mega 6X6 CM6R
  • Mega 4X4 CM5R
  • Mega 4X4 CM6
  • Mega 4X4 CM7R
  • Mega 4X4 CM8

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