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July 2, 2015
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Mega Engineering Vehicle will deliver your 1976 PANTERA GTS GR4 DETOMASO to you anywhere around the World through our affiliates.


The true Classic 1976 PANTERA GTS GR4 DETOMASO!

It’s a formula which was used in the AC Cobra in the 60’s, and became increasingly popular during the 70’s: European coachwork with US muscle,” says Tim Schofield of Bonhams.“Mangustas were produced in the hundreds, whereas production of the Pantera spanned a 20-year period,” Tim says. With over 7,000 built, the Pantera sits within a significantly lower price bracket. He continues: “It’s ticking a number of boxes for people who’d like to own one of the earlier super-cars.”
Many will be familiar with the complaints regarding the Pantera’s build quality, but that shouldn’t prevent the purchase of the car as a classic. “By now, many of these cars will have gone through the restoration process, and problems which they might have had when new will have been ironed out by now, if the work has been undertaken by the right specialist,” says Tim. “Let’s not forget: it was the early Seventies, it was in Italy, and whether it was a Fiat or Ferrari, we all know about the issues with the metals used during that period.
It’s worth remembering that the Pantera also has competition history, too.“The Group 4 Panteras are currently undervalued in my view, as you can participate in such events as the Le Mans Classic with these cars. For a comparable Porsche (a 911 3.0 RSR), you pay almost a million euros, while a Ferrari 512 BB LM will set you back around 1.5 million euros – even a BMW M1 Pro-car will cost roughly double what a racing Pantera does. What’s more, you can buy a brand-new racing engine practically out of the box for around 35,000 dollars; I dread to think what the equivalent Porsche engine would cost.
Considering the above, it’s easy to understand the desirability of a Pantera in road or racing format – in fact, some would say they’re even more appealing today than they were in period. We leave it for you to decide whether now is the time to buy one, but we can’t help thinking that if the Pantera sells within estimate later today, the buyer should be very pleased with himself. Very pleased indeed

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