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Security Surveillance Research Center
Security Surveillance Research Center
February 12, 2017
Swat Vehicles
Swat Vehicles
February 15, 2017

Mega Engineering Vehicle will design and engineer Police Vehicles with the most advanced technology in the world.

The most Advanced Police Vehicles!


The SCORPION (Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport) will carry 12-14 Officers (depending on size of operators and amount of gear).  It is for law enforcement agencies and tactical teams to carry out missions in both rural and urban settings. MEGA designed the SCORPION vehicles using input provided by tactical teams around the world. The Scorpion stems from a need for vehicles that offer protection, comfort, ease of maintenance, storage, and maneuverability superior to the competition.


Our SCORPION series includes features that add a higher level of comfort and safety than most other armored vehicles. We designed the SCORPION series to accommodate fully geared officers comfortably and with the utmost security. Scorpion models include, but are not limited to the following options:

  • B7/NIJ IV+ .50 Cal Ball Ammo Protection or B6/NIJ III Armor Levels
  • Blast mitigating floor.
  • Internal armored firewall.
  • Rifle-rated roof protection.
  • Fully armored hood clip.
  • MEGA Exclusive Flip Forward Front Clip System
  • Best-in-class climate control system.
  • Dual heating and air conditioning systems in front and back.
  • Oversized rear deployment bumper with steps.
  • Front door lockout ability at 90° and 45°.
  • Rear door lockout ability at 90° and at full open
  • Heavy Duty Oversized Running Boards
  • Optic-ready gun ports.
  • Four-wheel drive off-road capabilities.
  • Enclosed under-seat storage in rear compartment with back board slat cut outs
  • 360° Rotating Turret with Oversized flush-mounted sniper step.
  • Roof Hatches
  • Emergency Lights and Siren System

We based the SCORPION on the Ford F-550 4×4 chassis, available in either gas or diesel engines. The diesel version offers more torque and a faster throttle response, while the gas model is quieter and less expensive, but still offers adequate horsepower. The SCORPION can achieve highway speeds of over 80 miles an hour (128 kph) with 12 to 14 fully geared officers inside.

Why Choose SCORPION?

The engineers at MEGA wanted to give teams a new and innovative APC/rescue vehicle that offered more advantages to complete their missions. The SCORPION has everything other armored personnel carriers (APCs) on the market lack. SCORPION vehicles come armored in Level NIJ IV/B7+.50 Cal Ball Ammo and NIJ III/B6 Levels. This means they have the highest level of car armor protection, as classified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). Level B7 ballistic armor can defend against armor piercing rifle fire and .50 caliber ball ammo rounds. Your team will have the ultimate protection in the SCORPION.

Specialty and Customizations

All the Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (SCORPION Vehicles) at MEGA, are customizable. Our design team and engineers will work with you to come up with the perfect SCORPION vehicle for your needs. You can add our MEGA exclusive Multi Angle Hydraulic Ram system, Ram Cameras, Gas Needles, multiple lighting packages, 4 Doors, Off Road Kits, CBRNE package for detection of gases and radiation, LRAD, and many, many more options.

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