Surveillance Vehicle

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Mobile Command Center
November 18, 2014
Nissan GTR
December 1, 2014
surveillance vehicle

Surveillance Vehicle

Mega Engineering Vehicle have developed a Surveillance Vehicle with Mega’s Surveillance Vehicle with the most advance technology in the world!


Surveillance Vehicle

GCC- Mega Carrier

Desert worthy, special purpose built SUV’s for use on security & surveillance missions, detecting & identifying airborne toxic attacks or explosive materials. Tracking missions & intelligence gathering in disastrous conditions or rugged terrain, (for urban & field use).

Select a new – preexisting, well-built SUV with a adequateness space to store a relatively large sum of electronic devices. Control consoles, computers, monitors, recording and communication devices including various miscellaneous components needed for the conversion.

Develop the vehicle so it is capable of handling the GCC harsh environmental conditions: extreme heat, sand storms and very rugged terrain during lengthily periods of use while on mission assignments.

Source proven technology, a pre-tested system to prevent any micro-fine sand or dust particles. Toxic chemicals, biological, radiological & nuclear vapors from entering the vehicle while in active use, compliant with the current NATO Standard for collective protection.

Install an independent, highly efficient, secondary air-conditioning system to cool the interior cabin & cargo area with direct forced AC air-flow ducting system onto specified electronic devices that are located in the cargo area.

Retrofit the vehicle so that it is multi-purposeful from a functionality and task-performing standpoint: equipped to perform a variety of assignments and has high-performance driving characteristics.

The GGC “Desert Edition” conversion is required to be developed as a sub-assembled. Modular – kit style unit (components are all-inclusive), for duplication purposes and so all of the required components can be shipped & assembled to diverse locations. The quality of the conversion and appearance of it must be comparable to OEM standards.

  • MCISV6
  • MCISV7
  • MCISV5
  • MCISV2
  • MCISV4
  • MCISV1
  • MCISV3
  • MCISV10
  • MCISV9
  • MCISV8
  • MCISV11

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