UGV Spar X2

Helicopter Interiors
Helicopter Interiors
September 26, 2014
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September 26, 2014
UGV Spar X2

UGV Spar X2

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer UGV Spar X2 with the most advance technology in the world!

The most Advanced UGV Spar X2!

The Unmanned Spar X2 designed for optionally manned operation. Spar X2 is the best advancement in UGV research at the present time. The platform is capable of single driver or no driver operations. It can be remotely operated or programmed for autonomous operations in any of these operational modes.



By Kevin Cunningham


UGV Spar X2 – Manned/Unmanned Side by Side UTV

Application: The UGV SPAR X2 is a manned or unmanned, all-terrain side by side, hybrid or fully electric UTV that offers optional models fitted off one chassis, ranging from an Intelligent Surveillance: Reconnaissance Observation Patrol Version, Police or Beach Patrol Version, Recreational Version, Utilitarian version for use on Farms, Ranches or Hunting to name some uses.

The SPAR X2 is ideal for Patrolling Borders, Oil and Gas Complexes, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Airports, Sea & Land Ports, Highly Sensitive locations for Commercial, Government and Military as it is designed throughout for extremely harsh environmental conditions and rough-terrain.



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