Unmanned Ground Vehicles

February 19, 2017
Military Tracked Vehicles
Military Tracked Vehicles
February 21, 2017

Laser Guided Vehicles-LGVs

LGV has advanced navigation capabilities and is able to navigate around objects along a programmed path and avoid collisions independently using laser beam sensors.
There are two types of lasers used in laser guided vehicles: modulated lasers, which give pulsed laser systems higher accuracy and a greater range due to a continuous fan of light; and pulsed lasers, which emit light in the form of optical pulses.

Automated Guided Vehicles-AGVs

AGV uses 360-degree images and build a 3D map, which allows the vision-guided AGVs to follow a trained route without human assistance or the addition of special features, landmarks or positioning systems.
Mega Automation’s virtual path navigation uses a solid state inertial sensor to determine AGV heading and positional information. This is ideal for all environments—especially where magnetic or laser targets are not feasible or desirable.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

The Mega UGV is Unmanned Ground Vehicle designed and focused on security and surveillance of high profile military, government, corporate and sensitive installations requiring 24 hour monitoring and patrolling. Cost-effective to reproduce, low operational costs & service requirements.
Military Usage: Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA), detects, tracks,identifies, and reports on military targets in the area.


Purpose Built Unit “Military or Consumer Utility Rated”. The Unmanned Ground Vehicles – Mega UGV is ideal for Patrolling Borders, Oil and Gas Complexes, Gas Pipelines, Airports, Sea & Land Ports, Highly Sensitive locations for Commercial, Government and Military, designed throughout for the extremely harsh environmental conditions and rough-terrain.
Environmentally Friendly – 2WD single electric motor or 4WD dual electric motors – 4 Wheel Steering – 25-55 MPH – Operational Time: 10-12 Hours – Lithium-Ion Batteries – Electric High-Output Motor – Planetary Gear Reducer – Power-Train: EV- Remote Controlled – Auto Guidance – Tele-Operated- Autonomous

Candidates for UGV Deployment:
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Counter reconnaissance
  • Route and area reconnaissance
  • Target acquisition
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Channeling an enemy attack
  • Ambushes
  • Decoy and deception
  • Obscurant dispensing
  • Establishing obstacles
  • Breaching obstacles
  • Communications relay
  • Remote sensors deployment and monitoring

Amphibious UGV

Can handle off-road and rugged environments with its six aggressive ATV tires and its rubber track system which allows mobility through thick mud, vegetation, timber and climbing steep hills.
The Hydratrek® amphibious vehicles provide access to areas where trucks or boats find it difficult to maneuver. If your worksite has wetlands, flood-stricken roads and fields, swamps, marshes, snow, timber, gumbo mud, debris, vegetation, muskeg, and/or coast lines, the Mega-Trek will perform in these environments.
With the versatility to float and propel in deep water, the Mega-Trek will safely take you in and out of most terrains. It has a standard 16″ rubber track system that significantly reduces ground pressure. This vehicle can handle some of the most challenging terrains and swamps on the planet. It is constructed from marine-grade aluminum, watercraft jet propulsion at the rear of the Mega-Trek ensures that deep water crossings will not slow down your operation.
Additional options include front or rear mounted electric winch, powder coat paint, salt water kit, tie-down points, backup alarm, rear cargo rack, spine board & mounting hardware, and emergency lighting.

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