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Mega Engineering Vehicles - MEGA

Commitment to Excellence

Mega Engineering Vehicles is a global aerospace and defense company. From Engineering services to most advanced vehicles (UGV, UAV) to wheeled combat vehicles to Armored Vehicles, people around the world depend on our products and services for their safety and security. With corporate offices in Huntington Beach, California, Mega Engineering and its affiliated companies now constitute one of the world’s leading resources for high-technology systems ranging from Transportation, Entertainment, Aerospace and Defense, across the United States and globally. Mega Engineering represents one of the most talented and innovative workforce anywhere. Our enterprise also leverages the talents of hundreds of highly skilled people working for Mega Engineering suppliers worldwide.


With MEGA vehicles, the troops are always mission ready.

Safe to perform today and prepared for tomorrow’s command.

In today’s ever-evolving battlefield, the need for heavy tactical vehicles to keep pace – with the terrain, the environments, the threats, the demands and the troops – is critical to mission success. At Mega Defense, we never stop thinking, innovating or applying our defense expertise to assure those out in the field get the support they need from the vehicles they rely on. With every heavy tactical vehicle we manufacture, we transform the face of mission-critical equipment transportation and combat support for the men and women who serve.

Advanced Armored Personnel Carrier – APC

Laser Guided Vehicles-LGVs & Automated Guided Vehicles-AGVs

Provide your troops with cutting-edge technology with MEGA’s understanding of combining world-class vehicle design and our unique MEGA system. Designed and built to adapt to any circumstances on the battlefield, MEGA solutions features technology that maximizes power, precision and configuration to keep your troops efficient.

Engineering Services

Innovation is necessary in our fast moving times

Mega Engineering Vehicles Inc. has grown to become the world leader in technology and innovation with over 37 years experience in design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing. Mega Engineering Vehicle has in depth knowledge in the tooling and engineering of metal parts production. Whether a requirement involves standard overview of capabilities, on hand, turret tooling, and modular tooling or more elaborate dies (such as compound, deep draw, or progressive). Mega has the most modern equipment and the skilled tradesmen to handle the precision and volume necessary to meet customer deadlines. We use a variety of CAD programs that can communicate directly with our customers, along with computer controlled machining centers and Wire EDM technology.

Border Control Vehicles

Mega Patrol is an Border Control vehicles that provides a high level of ballistic and blast resistance, superior handling and off-road capability and commercial part compatibility resulting in low maintenance costs. The Mega Patrol features full vehicle armoring with certified ballistic material, including front, sides, rear, roof, and floor, designed to resist incoming ballistic threats from any angle. The special light weight armor package is designed to minimize the GVWR and maximize mobility and off-road capability. The vehicle body is fully armored to defeat multiple hits from high power rifles and light machine guns.

Riot Control Vehicles

MEV – Mega Engineering Vehicles is proud to introduce the Armored Water Cannon anti-riot vehicle. Engineered from the ground up, the AWD Armored Water Cannon is available in both 4×4 and 6×6 configurations, with a fully armored cabin up to STANAG 4569 Level II, that provides ballistic, mine-blast and IED protection. The vehicle comes with a powerful, variable geometry, turbocharged and inter-cooled diesel engine, capable of operating in high temperature and dusty environments. This vehicle is an excellent solution for various scenarios including riot control, fire fighting and for preserving peace and order. The Armored Water Cannon holds a 14,000 Lt corrosion free water tank with high pressure water jet systems with a 65m throw range.

Armored Vehicles

Security is necessary in our fast moving times

Mega Engineering Vehicles - will Design and Engineer Armored vehicles with the most advanced technology in the world. Rolls Royce vehicles are the epitome of class, and the Rolls Royce Ghost is armored by the Mega Engineering Vehicles’ armored division, the same operation that builds armored vehicles for the military. The Rolls Royce Ghost operates at full capacity since the armor is built in by Mega Advanced Armored Technology. It will protect its occupants from high powered gun fire, explosives and chemical assault from above and below. MEGA's Advanced Armored vehicles are ideal for making a fast getaway, if the vehicle is under attack.

Luxury Armored for the Heads of State