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September 28, 2014
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Mega Engineering Vehicle will design and engineer Aircraft Components with the most advanced technology in the world.

The most Advanced Aircraft Components!

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Aircraft Components Features And Specifications:

Engines generate thrust and provide hydraulic and electric power. Modern aircraft are employed with different types of engines, although jet engines are favored with by most commercial airliners.
The undercarriage, also known as landing gear, provides a platform for the aircraft to stand as well as plays an important obvious role in landing and take-off.
The fuselage holds the structure together and accommodates passengers and/or cargo. Modern aircraft fuselage may accommodate up to 800 passengers in economy class.
The cockpit holds the command and control section of an airplane. Modern aircraft cockpits have a number of vital instruments for controlling the airplane on the ground as well as when flying.
The wings are airfoils attached to each side of the fuselage and are the main lifting surfaces that support the airplane in flight. There are numerous wing designs, sizes, and shapes used by the various manufacturers. Each fulfills a certain need with respect to the expected performance for the particular airplane.Wings may be attached at the top, middle, or lower portion of the fuselage. These designs are referred to as high-, mid-, and low-wing, respectively. The number of wings can also vary. Airplanes with a single set of wings are referred to as monoplanes, while those with two sets are called biplanes. Many high-wing airplanes have external braces, or wing struts, which transmit the flight and landing loads through the struts to the main fuselage structure. Since the wing struts are usually attached approximately halfway out on the wing, this type of wing structure is called semi-cantilever. A few high-wing and most low-wing airplanes have a full cantilever wing designed to carry the loads without external struts.

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