Armored Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6

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Armored Cadillac Escalade
June 25, 2016
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Armored Maybach
June 30, 2016
Armored Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6
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  • Armored Mercedes G63 AMG

Mega Engineering Vehicle will design and engineer Armored Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6 with the most advanced technology in the world.

The most Advanced Armored Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6!
So you have a muddy field and a sand desert to pass on the way to work. The solution?  The insane Armored Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6.
But what do you get in exchange for your money? Well, you get a heavily rebuilt Geländewagen. Four-seated, 226 mm wider and 272 mm taller than the G63 AMG. The car is almost six meters long and the ground clearance are quite bizarre 460 mm. The beast weighs in at 3775 kgs. The heart of the car is the AMG twin-turbo V8 that outputs 536 hp via the seven-speed 7G-tronic gearbox. Figures of consumption and performance are not published yet, but do you really care?

Armored Mercedes G63 AMG

Armored Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6

Armored Specifications:

Hutchinson run-flat devices fitted in all vehicles’ tires
Steel-case fuel tank protection
Vehicle battery and ECM armor protection
Engine bay flank armor protection
Large door frame overlaps
Reinforced door hinges, designed for extended longevity and easy maintenance
Reinforced door pillars and posts, Heavy duty door travel retainers
Suspension components are reinforced as necessary to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle
Engine Type: v8, 5461 cc, Twin-turbo Dimensions: W – 2.100mm | L – 5,870mm | H – 2,300mm
Transmission: Automatic
Wheelbase: 4,220mm – Front to rear axle
Horsepower: 563hp
Drive Configuration: 6×6
Fuel Capacity: 159 L
Suspension: Suspension components are reinforced as necessary to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle
Fuel Type: Petrol
Armoring Level: FB4/FB6/FB7/PM7
Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 are state-of-the-art vehicles with the most powerful bi-turbo engines which offer unparalleled driving dynamics and outstanding on and off road capabilities From subtle body enhancements to complete, uniquely designed power-trains, every AMG vehicle is designed to create a dynamic driving experience in ultimate luxury. The vehicle is fully armored and is able to withstand ballistic threats with suspension and brake system which have been fully upgraded to support full armor weight. In addition to the left hand drive Mega can offer right hand drive G63 AMG and G63 6×6 AMG upon request.

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