Electric Postal Vehicles

Electric Sheriff Vehicles
Electric Police Vehicles
September 18, 2014
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Electric Taxi
September 19, 2014
Electric Postal Vehicles

Mega Engineering Vehicle will Design and Engineer Electric Postal Vehicles with the most advance technology in  the  world!
The most Advanced Electric Postal Vehicles!
Mega Engineering Vehicle will deliver Electric Postal Vehicles with Green and Clean Mail Delivery Vehicle.

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     Electric Postal Vehicles Specification:

Electromagnetic radiation from high performance electrical motors has been claimed to be associated with some human ailments, but such claims are largely unsubstantiated except for extremely high exposures.Electric motors can be shielded within a metallicFaraday cage, but this reduces efficiency by adding weight to the vehicle, while it is not conclusive that all electromagnetic radiation can be contained.
If a large proportion of private vehicles were to convert to grid electricity it would increase the demand for generation and transmission, and consequent emissions. However, overall energy consumption and emissions would diminish because of the higher efficiency of EVs over the entire cycle. In the USA it has been estimated there is already nearly sufficient existing power plant and transmission infrastructure, assuming that most charging would occur overnight, using the most efficient off-peak base load sources.
EVs typically charge from conventional power outlets or dedicated charging stations, a process that typically takes hours, but can be done overnight and often gives a charge that is sufficient for normal everyday usage.
First, advances in lithium ion batteries, in large part driven by the consumer electronics industry, allow full-sized, highway-capable EVs to be propelled as far on a single charge as conventional cars go on a single tank of gasoline. Lithium batteries have been made safe, can be recharged in minutes instead of hours (see recharging time), and now last longer than the typical vehicle (see lifespan). The production cost of these lighter, higher-capacity lithium batteries is gradually decreasing as the technology matures and production volumes increase

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