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May 8, 2018
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RAPTOR – (VAV) VERSATILE armored vehicle
The most advanced American military vehicle ever built.
The next generation of advanced wheeled vehicles

MEGA Defense is leading the next generation of advanced military vehicles in terms of weight class, protection category and mission-specific equipment, for every conceivable operational scenario with greater versatility and efficiency. The new Raptor of infantry fighting vehicle highlights once again MEGA’s role as a high-tech enterprise for security and mobility.

The Raptor armored transport vehicle is designed and engineered in the USA with the most advanced cutting edge technology. MEGA’s RAPTOR (VAV) is extremely versatile, utilizes cost effective uniform modular hull that allows the military operator to quickly change the vehicle to suit variety mission of  the battlefield requirement.

The optional Advance Electric Armored Vehicle system uses a modular arrangement to simplify the transmission of power to the wheels, which eliminates dependency on oil and dramatically reduces life-cycle costs.

Mega employs superior technologies to advance the light-duty vehicle profile, for missions that take military personnel over the harshest terrain and call for the quickest, most versatile response. It is designed for extreme maneuverability, reliability and greater crew protection and survivability.

The design of the vehicle surfaces has been computer optimized to minimize the radar cross section of the vehicle. The noise signature has been reduced with engine and exhaust silencing systems.

RAPTOR features advanced stealth characteristics of armored personnel carrier of this class. Design features include a thermally insulated exhaust system and the use of infra-red absorbing paint to reduce the thermal signature of the vehicle.

RAPTOR utilizes much in the way of sloped armor for improved ballistics protection. With a central tire regulation system that allows for adjustment of tire pressure “on-the-fly” and as the terrain ahead dictates, RAPTOR is made for exceptional cross-country support.

RAPTOR would be constructed around two key elements in the overall design – the base hull and the “modular mission system”, the latter adopted to the specific operator and mission requirement and removed/replaced as one whole component quickly. The vehicle would comprise of a multi-purpose hull, capable of mounting the latest in battlefield weaponry while at the same time fulfilling a variety of battlefield roles as needed. Such a design would help to cut down on production and procurement costs while allowing the armies to purchase just one vehicle type and modify it to suite a particular need. Additionally, commonality in parts across the various versions of the base vehicle would help in logistics and maintenance while “in the field”. In the United United State of America, the program is known under the name of ” Versatile Armored Vehicle” (VAV).

All of the armament fittings can be fired from the within the safety of the hull, protecting the gunner and crew therein. RAPTOR’s main operating crew is three personnel (driver, commander and gunner) and seating for up to eight combat-ready personnel. Entry and exit for personnel is via a large powered door that  allowing for quick release of the occupants.

The RAPTOR is among the most protected armored personnel carriers..

The triple hull floor is shaped for maximum protection against anti-tank mines.

RAPTOR’s design is based on the modular structure for maximum flexibility. It uses a single chassis with a snap-in modules for different purposes, including infantry carrier, command vehicle, ambulance, supply carrier and so on. These modules are interchangeable quickly. The base vehicle operates independently from the modules.

The hull has 4 firing ports for the armed occupants within. The RAPTOR will be produced with integrated radar, thermal and applicable night vision systems utilizing the most advanced in technologies including NBC suite (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical). The RAPTOR  was designed to be transported by the new generation of heavy, long-range transports.

The RAPTOR is a multirole armored fighting vehicle designed and produced by MEGA Engineering Vehicles to accomplish a number of operations through the use of installable mission modules.

RAPTOR’s unique feature of the vehicle is its composition of a drive platform module and interchangeable mission modules which allow several configurations to meet different operational requirements.

RAPTOR consists of two key elements: the platform/driveline (the drive module) and the removable mission module.

The mission module is a key (and unique) feature of RAPTOR. It allows the vehicle to be rapidly changed to meet different operational requirements. RAPTOR mission modules are pod-like units that are fitted to drive modules to form a complete mission variant vehicle. Mission modules can be swapped quickly under field conditions.


ØRaptor (AFV) – armored fighting vehicle
ØRaptor (apc) – armored personnel carrier
ØRaptor (amb) – battlefield ambulance
ØRaptor (eng) – battlefield engineering vehicle
ØRaptor (COP) – Command Post
Ø raptor (crv) – combat reconnaissance vehicle
ØRaptor (mor) – 120mm mortar carrier

Type:                      Armored fighting vehicle

Place of origin:     USA

Armament:            Various,  dependent on configuration and mission specific parameters


All-wheel drive, the front four wheels steering.

Weight                          20,000 kg (standard); 30,000 – 36,000 kg (Combat)

Length                           26.92 Ft (8.2 m)

Width                            10 Ft (3.05 m)

Height                            8 Ft (2.44m)

Ground Clearance       17.32 in (0.44 m)

Turn Radius                  31 Ft (9.45 m)

Gradient                        60%

Side Slope                      30%

Cross Ditches                6.56 Ft (2 m)

Vertical obstacles         2.62 Ft (.8 m)

Crew                               Varies by roll, 3+8

Armor                             Composite armor & with latest in mine protection

Main armament            Various, depends on configuration

Engine                             1000 HP / 800 kW Electric motor or Diesel engine

Suspension                      Independent  double wishbone coil (8X8)

Operational range-E      2500 km (1553 mi)

Speed-E                             120 km/h (75 mph)

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