Armor Specifications
February 26, 2017
Armored Luxury Vehicles Brochure
Armored Luxury Vehicles Brochure
February 27, 2017
  • APC 6X6


MEGA Defense is leading the next generation of advanced Armored Multi Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) in terms of weight class, protection category and mission-specific equipment, for every conceivable operational scenario with greater versatility and efficiency. The new tactical wheeled armored vehicle highlights once again MEGA’s role as a high-tech enterprise for security and mobility.
The AMPV is designed and engineered in the USA with advanced cutting edge technology. Highly mobile, it is a state-of-the-art wheeled vehicle.
Mega employs superior technologies to advance the light-duty vehicle profile, for missions that take military personnel over the harshest terrain and call for the quickest, most versatile response. It is designed for extreme maneuverability, reliability and greater crew protection and survivability.
The monocoque hull structure of AMPV is based on 6×6 chassis. The modular design of the vehicle incorporates advanced technical and tactical characteristics. Its conventional layout houses engine in front, crew section in the middle and troop compartment at rear. Entry and exit for the occupants are provided through two doors at both sides and a rear door.
The optional Advance Electric Armored Vehicle system uses a modular arrangement to simplify the transmission of power to the wheels, which eliminates dependency on oil and dramatically reduces life-cycle costs.

Type                                         Armored fighting vehicle

Place of origin                       USA


Weight                        10,000 kg -130000 kg

Length                        19-19.68 Ft (5.8-6 m)

Width                          7.87-8.2 Ft (2.4-2.5 m)

Height                         7.2-7.38 Ft (2.2-2.25m)

Crew                            Varies by roll. 2 + 6

Armor                         Advanced armor steel or Advanced composite armor

Main armament        Various, depends on configuration

Engine                          450 HP / Diesel / Turbocharged / optional Electric Motor

Power/ Weight            17.1 kW/t

Suspension                 Fully independent suspension with spring & shock absorber (6X6)

Operational range     450 mi (724 km)

Speed                           75 mph (120 km/h)

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